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SUPPORT – The Essential Guide For Flute Players

Breath support: The essential guide for flute players

Support improves your tone. You will be able to play louder, your tone will sound richer and your soft notes will project well, whilst remaining soft. Your intonation will naturally improve and you will be able to consistently play with a great tone every day.

When we hear instructors tell us to support our tone, we know all the benefits, but we still do not know how to do it. Not only that, we do not even know what it is. If we do not know what it is, how can we do it?

Support – The Essential Guide For Flute Players will teach you what support really is, how to do it and how to apply it to your flute playing to make you a better musician.


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 Essential Advice From A Pro: For The Beginner And Intermediate Flute Player

Essential Advice From A Pro: For The Beginner And Intermediate Flute Player Assuming you know already how to play the flute, we’ll cover a lot of ground from how to choose a flute, how to practise, how to be more expressive, how to get a better tone, how to learn fast music, and how to promote yourself as a teacher and performer. So if you are a beginner or intermediate student, or if you are wanting to break into the industry, I’ll teach you how to be a better player and how to make the most of your flute and your flute playing.

As soon as I released this book, it instantly went to #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list. Find out what all the fuss is about.

Essential Advice From A Pro is available for Kindle (you don’t need a kindle to read it – you can use the free Kindle app on your computer, tablet or smart phone) and paperback. Order direct from Amazon:




Musical Expression Made Easy

 How to add genuine emotion to your music

Musical Expression Made Easy - How to add genuine emotion to your musicIt is easy to teach and to learn music technique. How to play an instrument, get a decent sound, and play all the scales is relatively simple and straight forward. Applying individuality and musical expression is much more difficult to teach and to learn. In this 5 module course you will learn how to apply emotion and feelings to your music. Your audience will hear the music exactly as you intend. In short, you will take your playing to a whole new level.

In this course you will learn:

  • The 5 pillars of musical expression
  • Simple exercises and tricks to apply expression to your music
  • How to analyse the music to make decisions on expression
  • How to effectively express music to your audience
  • Why improvisation is an essential skill for classical musicians

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Close Your Eyes – Trio for 2 flutes and alto flute

Close Your Eyes Anna Papij trio for two flutes and alto fluteThis fun piece influenced by blues and a sense of play is approximately AMEB Grade 4 standard and is suitable for trio, or even to double up on parts for a flute choir.

There is opportunity for the players to experiment with a little improvisation, creating a piece that’s equally enjoyable for the players and the audience.

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